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Regenerative Leadership
Inspired by the book DNA of Life-Affirming Organizations in the 21st Century by Giles Hutchins and Laura Storm, among other references

facilitation by Flavia Vivacqua and co-facilitation by Cassiana Buosi

For anyone who wants to explore and undertake transformational change within systems, organizations and communities. Who seek to collectively create thriving ecosystems and make our regenerative future a reality, not just for tomorrow, but for today as well.

"design de aprendizagem" do "curso de liderança regenerativa"

Over 50 hours of content accessible immediately after signing up, before the live meetings even start. A learning experience about Regenerative Leadership and core values and concepts, as well as practical exercises to act in the DNA of organizations in times of transition, where they affirm life and consider its complexities.

Let's recognize the importance ofsystemic thinking to deal with complexity, from intermediation to expanding relational quality, from transformative resilience to establishing flexibility and responsiveness, towards powerful regenerative cultures.

Come get betterself-knowledge and collective intelligence, achieving skills and values of Regenerative Leadership such as a sense of belonging, confidence, autonomy and recognition of intervention opportunities. A course facilitated by Flavia Vivacqua (designer of Regenerative Cultures, consultant and systemic facilitator in complexity), co-facilitated by Cassiana Buosi (specialist in Regenerative Futures) and inspired by the rich in the books 'Regenerative Leadership' by Giles Hutchins and Laura Storm and " Design of Regenerative Cultures" by Daniel C. Wahl, among others.

You can also participate in this journey! 



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Priscila Mello D'ambrosio

Talking about regenerative leadership is both exhilarating and uncomfortable. Stimulating because we are faced with new paradigms, attentive to fundamental systemic needs, we return to the origins and become aware of the necessary path for human sustainability.
Uncomfortable because we understand that there is still a lot to do.
The training helped me understand where to start, it showed me that I am not alone and it illuminated my purpose in life.
Flávia and Cassiana are consistent with their narratives, profoundly knowledgeable of the theme and create a field of profound and transformative exchanges.

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Sergio Salazar

This Regenerative Leadership journey is characterized by navigating far beyond the cognitive dimension, challenging us to review our way of interpreting and acting in the world. It invites us to a permanent dialogue with ourselves, first of all, in a process of "defragmentation" of our internal and external relations.
Flávia and Cassiana, owners of very different communication styles, are an impeccable example of a harmonic dance in which complementarity, in the logic of interdependence, means that things are treated with depth and lightness, with seriousness and great humor, with order and flexibility, with speech, listening and silence.
Anyway, if we want to regenerate the world, we need to regenerate ourselves, as a hologram of the Universe that we are.


Ricardo Braga

It was a unique journey. I widened my gaze on the topic of leadership and my responsibility in relation to all my relationships, whether with other human beings or with life as a whole.

Is this course for you?

This course is designed for inspire a new paradigm of leadership:new leadership practices, new business models, new forms of collaboration and value generation. The goal is to stimulate, guide and support the movement of Regenerator pioneers who rise to action in countless ways during this metamorphic moment we are living.

Regenerative Leadership is for anyone who is interested in exploring and undertaking transformational change within our systems, organizations and communities far beyond sustainability, with regeneration on the horizon.

Also, presenting a tool for those who want to prosper or facilitate new forms of ethical business.

Have you been wondering?

How can I help create a new way to break through these challenging times?

How can I act as if these are indeed times of crisis and help design new and prosperous ways for us to operate?

How could you become what we call a Regenerative Leader, who contributes to a future of life-affirming organizations while breaking free from old destructive addictions?

Are you willing to think the unlikely and embark on the unreasonable?

Are you ready to act like an adult and realize that our collective home is on fire?

Why join?

This is a special opportunity to get to know your potential to make significant changes, expanding your self-knowledge, knowledge in relation to the leadership role and its potentialities, in your performance and work context.

A course with a deep foundation in Regenerative Leadership, with a platform organized into 12 modules with almost 50 hours of video lessons and relevant support material for self-directed study, in addition to live meetings.


You will also receive the book "Regenerative Leadership".

Each class-meeting has a video summary to be seen beforehand. At each meeting we will have an initial meditation, a space for the presentation of participants, a space for clarifying doubts and some dynamics and practices to support the in-depth conversation. Practices can be passed between meetings.

  • Over 50 hours of content accessible immediately after subscribing;

  • 12 live meetings via zoom.

  • Broaden and deepen your reading of the world and context, while understanding the paradigm of regeneration;

  • Understand the leadership in times of transition to the paradigm of regeneration;

  • Get up to date on new organizational models and the characteristics of those that affirm life in our century;

  • Connect and participate in the Design community and establish your mutual support network for the transition;

  • Have an appropriate repertoire and tools for transition processes that establish regenerative cultures;

  • BONUS: By registering you will receive the book "Regenerative Leadership" by Giles Hutchins and Laura Storm as inspiration for this journey.

"In the book Regenerative Leadership, Giles Hutchins and Laura Storm offer a valuable resource to leaders ready to reinvent themselves, in which their personal transformation allows them to serve better in transforming the companies and organizations for which they are responsible"Daniel C Wahl, another by Design of Regenerative Cultures.

"By drawing inspiration from the natural world, the principles of Regenerative Leadership provide a framework for a more inspiring path in business and life."Ryan Gellert,CEO EMEA Patagonia.

When will it start?

from 10 April 2023

fortnightly meetings, online and live, via zoom

on Mondays from 19:00 to 21:30.

You will have access to the Hotmart platform, where the summary videos will be

and other information, from the moment of your registration. That way, you can start studying even before the live meetings start.

You will not be able to participate in all meetings?

No problem. They will be recorded and made available to subscribers.

Dates of the 2023 Meetings:

April 10th and 24th
May 8th and 22nd
June 5th and 19th
July 3rd, 17th and 31st
14th, 21st and 28th of August

How much will I invest?

12x BRL 110.18 or BRL 1,104 in cash | Lot 1 (20% off) until Dec/25

"curso em liderança regenerativa"

About the book

We will hold 12 meetings, inspired by Giles and Laura's lucid and pragmatic approach to the DNA of organizations that affirm life in the 21st century, Regenerative Leadership.

The meetings will be facilitated byFlavia Vivacqua  which will cover the main concepts and practical exercises:

Reconnection - Interdependence - complexity - creativity - collaboration - biomimicry - diversity - bioethics - relational aesthetics - salutogenesis.

Between one fortnightly meeting and another, there will be videos-contents and practices that will support the study.

Join the Regenerative Design community!

"Livro Liderança Regenerativa"
"DNA da liderança regenerativa"
Regenerative Leadership


Authors: Giles Hutchins and Laura Storm

Originally published by Wordzworth in 2019.

Published in Brazil by Bambual Editora in 2021.

Published in Portugal by Bambual Editora in 2021.

Format 18x13cm - 382 pages - with colorful illustrations and graphics.

Going Back in Time to Find the Root of Our Current Crisis 

Are we collapsing or advancing? 

The dawn of a new era of leadership

A New Regenerative Model Based on the Logic of Life

The two dynamics in regenerative leadership

Living Systems Design

Culture of Living Systems

Being Living Systems \ INTERSER

Applying the DNA of Regenerative Leadership \ TOOLS TO APPLY

Cassiana Buosi
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Cassiana Buosi is a designer of regenerative futures, certified and practitioner of strategic foresight and post-digital entrepreneur, decision taken after almost 20 years working in a multinational company. Kauai's mother. Futures researcher for over 12 years, focused on the Futures of Work and Business, Learning and Relationships, converging all these fields of study today, an evolutionary, concept-inspired organization Teal (Frederic Laloux), which he founded. She is also the creator and facilitator of the Jornada Design de Futuros Pessoais, one of the only ones in Brazil and in the world. Today, he is also part of the group of guardians of, a community dedicated to exchanges and collective learning of regenerating pioneers.

"Cassiana Buosi"
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