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the experience

with Flavia Vivacqua and Virgílio Varela


Two days to increase awareness of yourself and the world around you through Regenerative Design.

Pay attention to the time zone:


Saturday  - 9am to 1pm + solo outdoor practice 4pm in the afternoon

Sunday - 9am to 1pm


Saturday  - 1pm to 5pm

Sunday  - solo outdoor practice 4am in the morning + 1pm to 5pm


Tell us of your interest!


OInterbeing - The Experience  is a safe space for human and planetary regeneration. A first step towards discovering the Design of Regenerative Cultures starting with your Inner Self.


The purpose of this experience is to create a fertile field for discovering its essence and its potential co-creator of new ecosystems, inspired by the Design of Regenerative Cultures.


We created a 16-hour program: divided into 2 online meetings of 4 hours + 4 hours of solo nature walk +videos theoretical.

The unique design of this experience is the result of the research and practices of several years of the facilitators Flavia Vivacqua (Brazil) and Virgílio Varela (Portugal), who also assume the role of courage and discovery about the new and the possibilities that can emerge in this journey together . May it be a path of beauty!

capa "A Perola do Dragão"
capa "liderança regenerativa"
capa "Esperança Ativa"

Participants will receive a discount coupon to buy reference books on regeneration in the Bambual Editora catalog or at  Bambual Portugal!

Program DAY 1

Let's explore our current degree of awareness by increasing feedback loops:

1. Explore the potential of subtle and generative listening


2. Understand the different types and levels of listening, with theoretical and practical content


3. Exploring the power of emotions, particularly in dealing with uncertainty and complexity


4. Know and practice the art of asking questions as a tool for self-discovery and exploration of the world


5. Understand what cognitive bias is and practice with colleagues in order to expand our resources to deal with change and contribute to our evolution

DAY 2 program


Let's deepen our awareness and expand our understanding of who we are.

6. Know the deep meaning of the word INTERSER and how it relates to similar concepts from various cultures around the world


7. Practice by feeling and embodying this INTERSELF interconnection


8. Activate the potential of imagination to create new possibilities


9. Unlock Fear and Confidence to Gain Motivation and Strength to Serve


10. Experience how collective intelligence can contribute to your intentions to bring health to the system.

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Being is Interbeing. 

In many ways, the word "interbeing" describes a shift in perception of self and other that lies at the center of co-creating regenerative human cultures and a life-sustaining presence for humans on earth. (...) describes the transformation to the new story about humanity's relationship with the wider community, and its dependence on the planet's life support system.

Daniel C Wahl

in Design of Regenerative Cultures


We exist to connect the ecosystem of regenerative cultures and together, we leverage conscious actions, integrating the best of the past and the present, beauty, ethics and health in search of a dignified future for all.

"Virgílio Varela"

Virgílio Varela

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He is the son of Cape Verdean parents, he was born in Portugal. He is the father of two children and a third on the way.
He is a consultant and certified trainer with extensive experience working in various collaborative methodologies and systems for transforming groups and organizations. Examples are methodologies such as Dragon Dreaming – design and management of collaborative and sustainable projects, Participatory Rural Appraisal, Asset Based Community Development, Jogo Oásis-Instituto Elos, Open Space Technology, Design Thinking. His work aims to promote the personal growth of individuals and the strengthening of organizations and communities to build a more regenerative future.
He has solid experience in the design of regenerative projects and in the application of methodologies in entities such as the European Commission or the United Nations in countries such as Portugal, Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Spain, Cape Verde, Latvia.

Creator of the Regenerative Storytelling, See with New Eyes programs and facilitator of Joanna Macy's Work that Reconnects.

He teaches Social Entrepreneurship at the Institute of Social Entrepreneurship – Social Business School. He has a Masters in Education from King's College-University of London. And training in leadership from INSEAD Business School. He mentors social entrepreneurs, companies, associations and start-ups. Founder of the company HumanFleet.

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"Flavia Vivacqua"

Flavia Vivacqua

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I am a seeker of myself and the beauty of the world inspires me. I have 25 years of professional experience, acting as a facilitator and giving courses and lectures for human and team development. ​Integro 9 certifications in different methodologies and collaborative technologies and I have been developing the art of integrating them and innovating based on what is already available in dialogue with the experienced context.

The systemic phenomenological approach is the sensitive and powerful path through which I have anchored my work in the last decade, since I discovered Systemic Constellations. I became a therapist.

​ I use systemic thinking, emotional intelligence, an integral vision and a systemic phenomenological approach to get to the essence of what needs to be improved in each individual and in the group.

​ I became a pioneer in collaborative processes and design of regenerative cultures in Brazil.

​ I have been running my own consultancy since 2007, Nexus Systemic.

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