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enhancing skills to do together

a cognitive, emotional approach to collaboration

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What is CoLearning?

CoLearning understands that every transformation goes through some process of learning and experiencing, and that in the biological-systemic, conscious and positive vision of the world and the future, we learn more and with more quality when we relate to all beings and our environment, when everyone is involved in the creative process of learning-to-learn, in co-learning. It is a project approach that activates collective wisdom to be realized, generating relational and emotional skills, systemic thinking and understanding, a deep ecological awareness, expanding creative capacities, perceptions of reality and making actions more integrated, integrative, coherent. and innovative in the context of all those involved.

CoLearning is based on a genuine innovation, the methodological matrix Dragon Dreaming - Collaborative Design of Projects, but not only. It is an approach that is based on, for example: knowledge of Neurocognition; in Emotional Intelligence; in Systemic Thinking and Vision; in the pedagogy and knowledge of the Green School (Bali\Indonesia) and others, which focus on education for sustainability. Based on the study of the latest on the subject, a diversity of contents and tools were integrated, fundamental knowledge for the future we are building today.

Flavia Vivacqua

What is being proposed?

A theoretical and practical course with replicable dynamics for Educators and Facilitators who develop learning processes and co-create with participants projects for the future they want. 

A repertoire of tools, emotional intelligence, the ecology of relationships and the development of systemic thinking, will be some of the subjects that we will address.

A course in learning processes, on a cognitive-emotional and biosystemic approach. That seeks to see the Facilitator as an Educator and the Educator as a Facilitator.

For whom?

People involved with learning processes and working with groups of people:


  • Educators who want and can develop skills in facilitating groups and learning flows.

  • Facilitators who provide training or courses.

  • Participants of school communities such as Directors, Pedagogues, Coordinators, etc.

  • Regenerative Education

How is the basic course?

It is a theoretical introduction with replicable practical dynamics, mediated by Flávia Vivacqua, with a total duration of 30 hours.

There are 3 days of course, totaling 24 hours of face-to-face classes + 2 collective online mentorships, with 3 hours each.


  •  Learning, Cognition and Emotions

  •  Focusing on ourselves - Self-awareness and personal self-management

  •   Tuning in with Others - Empathy, Social Skills and Interactions

  •  Make Better Decisions - Consider, Analyze, and Synthesize

  •  Systems Thinking and Systems Understanding

  •  Collective Wisdom and Group Flow

  •  Social Ecology and Ecorrelations

  •  The Age of Collaboration

  •  Project co-creation

  •   What changes in the pedagogical practice of co-learning

  •  Educator - Facilitator

  • Dialog Tools

  • connection dynamics

  • circle of dreams

  • Specific objectives

  • Co-creating a common purpose

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