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Design of Regenerative Cultures

designing solutions guided by the ecosystemic view of life

regenerative design. regenerative leadership. organizational transformation . mentoring


Conheça o mapeamento de "Iniciativas pela regeneração no Brasil" e baixe gratuitamente o relatório temático!

what we offer

Consulting, Mentoring and Training

Learning experiences to expand your company's repertoire, improving capabilities, raising awareness and engaging your ecosystem.

Courses, Training and Immersions

Aprenda e se forme em nossas jornadas de conhecimento!

Brazilian Mapping

By putting regeneration into practice, be part of and supported by a network of transformation.

Take CoLearning to your students

Through the methodological matrix of Dragon Dreaming, combined with knowledge of neurocognition, emotional intelligence, thinking and systemic vision and Green School pedagogy, build desirable futures within the classroom environment.


Exclusive for educators and facilitators.

"Design Regenerativo"

What is Design of Regenerative Cultures?

Mapping of Initiatives for Regeneration

expand the visibility of your regenerative business

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