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Art and Regenerative Cultures
with Flavia Vivacqua

Foto de "Flavia Vivacqua" durante peregrinação


Art and Regeneration are not new subjects, but they are undoubtedly current themes, equidistant paths, above all due to the importance of systemic and creative thinking and acting.

It is in the incessant search for satisfactory answers and differentiated and urgent practices in the daily life of our existence and the world that Art  – understood from the fields of creativity, languages and communication, which have always had their evolutions intertwined with the socio-cultural transformations of each era, preceding it, making it explicit and nurturing it – and Ecology – understood as the systemic organization, its dynamics and relational qualities between different elements – are addressed here.

In this approach, it is not an apology for an ecological art or a romantic return to untouched nature, or even living in the countryside as the only interesting way of life. Neither living in a bubble, dependent on the most amazing technology or even populating another planet.


Rather, recognizing and understanding the critical and creative production that dialogues with the ethical principles and values of deep ecology and the establishment of relationships of respect and balance with the environment and living beings, to collaborate with the existence of the diversity of species and cultures, feeding on it and vice versa.


In this way, without crystallizing any kind of label or waiting for formulas, traditional knowledge and what little remains of the wild environment are preserved, at the same time that the paradigm of regeneration is generated that nourishes cultures, vocabularies and more practices. creative activities in fields of conscious action.

*This text in Portuguese is an excerpt from the Spanish\English article by Flavia Vivacqua "Creative resilience and systemic changes" for ARTECONTEXTO's Dossier 27 on Art and Ecology in 2010.

Foto registro da obra de "Bill Viola" "The Crossing 1996"

Module 1 - Landscape Art and Environmental Art

Module 2 - Relational Aesthetics and Collaborative Art

Module 3 - Micropolitics,Decolonization e Estética do Sensitive

Module 4 - Art Collectives and Intervention in a Specific Context

Module 5 - Current Artistic Practices and Regenerative Cultures

  • All courses address art history and artistic practices

  • Western historical approach and social context.

  • Work and thought of pioneering artists in each theme.

  • Includes contemporary Brazilian references in dialogue with international references.


It is a journey of learning in aesthetics and ethics, based on 100 years of reflections, art and positions on human beings and their relationship with nature and the environment, in the quest to generate regenerative cultures.

Pioneering, innovation, creativity and critical and existential reflection are at the heart of this course with XXXX hours of content, many referenced images and videos, in addition to a qualified bibliography.


Online course, accessible on one of the best digital education platforms today. Entirely in Portuguese and at an affordable price. 


For people dedicated to critical and creative thinking and doing in their professions, such as in the following areas of knowledge: Arts, Design, Architecture, Museology, Cultural Management, etc.; but who also seek an ethical position aligned with regenerative futures and practices.